NuMinds Enrichment was founded in 2013 to start a revolution of awakening education through real, inspired learning.

Learning that focuses on genuine passions, curriculum that is driven by curiosity and authentic and meaningful gains in knowledge, skills, insight, and inspiration.

Co-Founders Ben Koch and Justin Vawter were driven by the vision that NuMinds could provide a layer of enrichment beyond the school day, where real, inspired learning creates the conditions for lifelong curiosity and self-development for both teachers and students:

Real – our programs extend beyond basic academic needs into the realm of enrichment, where a learner’s authentic engagement with ideas, processes and products is paramount.

Inspired –our programs derive from inspiration and are focused on developing a learner’s own passions and interests.

Learning –our programs provide new knowledge, insight and wisdom that is valuable to the learner’s and the world’s development and advancement.


Ben Koch, M.Ed.
Ben Koch, M.Ed.Co-Founder & CEO
Ben is driven to unite people to a greater vision and cause in education and self-development. Through coaching, teaching, and delivering progressive workshops and talks he seeks to expand horizons …
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Justin Vawter, M.Ed.
Justin Vawter, M.Ed.Co-Founder & CCO
Justin lives on the fringe of education, a creative spark working tirelessly to redefine the educational narrative and make the learning experience more impactful and meaningful.
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Kaylee Strycker
Kaylee StryckerInspirator
Kaylee has a passion for learning that is infectious in the classroom and out…
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Tarek Hamdan
Tarek HamdanBusiness Director, Latin America
Tarek is convinced that education is the most important tool for shaping all future generations…
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Shaena Whitney
Shaena WhitneyLogistics Support Manager
Shaena ensures that every location hosting a camp, event or professional development has all the supplies they need to be successful…
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Adam Nees
Adam NeesDirector & Inspirator
Adam is both site director and teacher (Inspirator) for many NuMinds events…
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Janet Schaefer
Janet SchaeferDirector of Operations
Janet channels her diverse experience in education, project management, and customer service to delight…
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Catalina Pinon
Catalina PinonInspirator
Catalina has been a teacher for many years. She considers herself a natural life learner…
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Doug Thomson
Doug ThomsonSpecial Projects Advisor
Doug has been immersed in the education of children, middle schoolers, undergraduates, teachers and adults for five decades…
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Abby Cass
Abby CassInspirator
Abby enjoys sharing her love for the arts and STEAM with those who need it most…
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Kristen Roemer
Kristen RoemerProject Manager
Kristen Roemer, M.A.M.Ed., is an award-winning, proactive teacher and life-long learner…
Dorian DaytonProgram Specialist
Dorian is the Program Specialist and an Inspirator and he firmly believes that education doesn’t have limits. STEAM education is the perfect way to blend everything together in a unique, creative and fun way that can leave a lasting impact. With over five years in education experience, Dorian has been able to find ways to connect with every kid in their own way, and leave them with inspiration and joy. Dorian hopes to use STEAM education to prepare children for a new future that has yet to be created.
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