What After-School Enrichment Programs Do We Offer?

Pre-STEAM Adventures

Description: It’s never too early to start full STEAM ahead! This special Pre-STEAM Adventures session begins the journey and early exploration of STEAM topics for children at the Preschool and Kindergarten age. Simplified concepts from physics, chemistry, engineering, and biology abound — snugly nestled in the arts and humanities! Activities are modular and independent from week to week. We offer a flexible curriculum schedule to allow for maximum student-guided fluidity where the instructor can adapt lessons based on the emerging interests, skills, passions (and developing attention spans) of the students.

Topics introduced to students include photosynthesis, electrical currents, chemical reactions, anatomy, and much more. Through a combination of guided demonstrations and fun, highly interactive, and hands-on activities, students will build a passion for discovery and begin to form an understanding of the connections between each topic of STEAM and the world we live in!

STEAM Explorers

Description: Brilliant 1st-8th grade minds don’t always get all the intellectual nutrition they need from their daily diet of school and extracurriculars. Our STEAM Explorers after-school program is a laboratory of engaging learner experiences designed to captivate, engage, and challenge each student.  These courses are best suited for younger students (grades 1-6th) but are open to grades 1-8. Activities range from hands-on robotics and AI projects, coding and programming challenges, architectural and engineering design, stop motion animation and improv, live action role-play, science experiments to teach principles of chemistry, physics, neuroscience, and mathematics, visual arts and aesthetics, the science of food and taste, and fun with mathematics.  

This content-driven, semester-long program allows students to explore and integrate STEAM concepts in a wide variety of mini-projects. Classes are designed to introduce, reinforce, and integrate STEAM principles to stimulate divergent and critical thinking. Activities are modular, independent from week to week, and FUN!

Our recommended approach for these courses is a relatively less structured curriculum schedule to allow for maximum student-guided fluidity where the instructor can adapt lessons based on emerging interests, skills, and passions of the students.

STEAM Innovators

STEAM Innovators session is for students who are ready to take their understanding of how the world works — and their problem-solving abilities — to the next, mind-blowing level! Students create highly innovative projects as they explore foundational skills such as programming languages, physical and experimental sciences, the magic of mathematics, engineering, and art techniques. All the while, they discover astounding connections between these topics, and the humanities, and our everyday reality. Each semester features one or multiple engaging, fun  projects and exciting mini-challenges to master along the way!

These extended exploration, project-driven classes are very adaptable for any duration and grade level.

Emphasis is on the integration and application of skills to solve a problem, overcome a challenge, and/or creation and demonstration of skills through an innovative project. 


In this highly creative and engaging program, students become the innovators by creating their own projects that spotlight a mind-blowing breakthrough that has changed our world! Students choose a fascinating innovation that intrigues them, and then design an individual or group project to describe it. The project delivery method/medium will be determined in advance of the class. Options include TED Talks, short films, creative writing, and more (see Sample Courses below). At the end of this session, students show off what they’ve created in a fabulous project showcase!

As students explore the history and remarkable examples of their topic, they identify their own interests in innovation through various divergent thinking activities, They work collaboratively to design, build, and refine their final projects. In the process, students develop leadership and socioemotional skills, as well as a growth mindset, by setting personal goals for their success and making continuous improvements through constructive feedback. The highest-rated projects will be nominated to be included in the annual NuMinds Innovation and Transformation Showcase event.

Mindscapers programs are selected by course (media/delivery method – see Sample Courses below) and run for the duration of a semester. This program is well-suited for semester-long projects for older students (grades 5-12) and aims to refine interpersonal skills, creative expression, and adaptability to overcome perceived challenges. Courses can be adapted for younger students (grades 1-4) but it is advisable to only run for a maximum of 4-6 weeks due to the sustained attention required.

Current After School STEAM Program Locations

Who is NuMinds Enrichment?

Founded in 2013 by two teachers of the gifted and talented, the cofounders set out to start an “EdVolution” by transforming the relationship between students and learning. We focus on student engagement and the integration of STEAM concepts carefully blended into out-of-the-box creative activities.

What Enrichment Do We Offer?

We support a variety of private, public, and Montessori schools, and provide after- and within-school STEAM-based enrichment programs, as well as professional development for teachers. These programs are tailored for your learners, not rigid or fixed!

  • All of our curriculum is developed by us and is further adapted by our teachers who receive special training for teaching mixed-aged groups to be able to reach any learner at their own “intellectual” age.
  • We use the principles of project-based learning to support and apply fundamental skills taught in the classroom. We show how science, technology, engineering, arts/humanities, and mathematics are used to solve real-world problems–but we give them a twist!
  • We intellectually challenge the students to stretch beyond their comfort level while having fun at the same time!
  • Although we got our start in gifted and talented, we work with all types of learners and our lessons are designed to be modular and adaptable.
  • From private-label summer camps at your campus, to onsite enrichment programs, assemblies, and professional development, NuMinds strives to be a layer of enrichment opportunity for the wider school community.

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