Sputnik in Reverse: Cutting Funding for Advanced Learning in Texas


Sputnik in Reverse: Cutting Funding for Advanced Learning in Texas by Justin Vawter When Sputnik floated by, the U.S. panicked--how could we be behind the USSR in the Space Race? The United States immediately began to examine the quality of its schooling. One year later, the National Defense Education Act established the first federally-funded gifted & talented program. Now, those kids who tinker, create, and (in the process) almost blow themselves up aren’t expelled, they’re hired by NASA. Since Sputnik and the Education Act, the question of what makes someone gifted or talented has waivered and fluctuated--but here’s a simple [...]

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The Future of EdTech


The Future of EdTech Sage Waelbroeck Do you know how a cell works? Sure, everyone remembers that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell - but what does that really mean? What does a mitochondria do? Or look like? In my public school biology classes, the primary form of learning about the body was reading a monstrous textbook and taking (mostly indecipherable) notes over 30-page chapters that were split into sections, each section having a variety of off-color graphs, charts, and artist depictions of the inner workings of a… whatever. While educators today are trying a number of creative [...]

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Easy as S-E-L


Easy as S-E-L Sage Waelbroeck SEL, or Social and Emotional Learning, is defined by CASEL as “the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.” In layman’s terms, it’s essentially learning how to handle being a creature who has emotions and whose existence requires social interaction. Traditionally, this kind of learning has been left to each individual’s own devices. A child was raised with rules and expectations for [...]

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The D&D Effect


The D&D Effect Sage Waelbroeck At even our most primitive levels, we humans are storytellers. Primitive humans drew on cave walls, preserving the stories of their day-to-day life. Our religions use parables, or simplistic stories, to impart the wisdom of their most holy persons to their followers. Shakespeare, Homer, and even the unknown author of The Epic of Gilgamesh, have told stories that resonate so deeply across cultures and time that they have survived through hundreds or even thousands of years, still being told in various forms to this day. Which brings us to today’s storytelling phenomenon: Dungeons & Dragons. It’s [...]

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The Strength in Making Mistakes


The Strength in Making Mistakes by Sage Waelbroeck When an infant is learning to walk and falls on their face, what happens? Inevitably some crying is involved but this is part of the learning experience and ultimately, the mastery of walking. This cycle is repeated but with each time learning small things to improve on such as catching themselves, grabbing onto something else for assistance, or learning to hold their balance while they take a few more steps forward. This is the power of mistakes. We learn from them.  In fact, cognitive scientists have found that mistakes improve learning when followed [...]

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Back to Space


NuMinds is pleased to announce a collaboration with Back to Space!  Back to Space is an organization dedicated to stirring up a national passion for space exploration via STEM education and media initiatives. Co-Founder Danielle Dallas Roosa is grand-daughter of Apollo astronaut Stuart Roosa and was inspired to launch the effort when she noticed a lack of interest and knowledge about the Apollo missions specifically, and space travel in general. Back to Space's first major effort will be to produce a reality TV show in which teams solve STEM-based challenges in an "Amazing Race" style environment, and a team of [...]

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5 Over-Excitability Superpowers | NuMinds Knowledge Drop (ep12)


5 Over-Excitability Superpowers | NuMinds Knowledge Drop (ep12) Over-excitabilities are assumed to be innate and appear in five forms [pdf-embedder url="https://www.numindsenrichment.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Over-Excitability-Checklist.pdf" title="Over-Excitability Checklist"] Download Over-Excitability Checklist PDF [pdf-embedder url="https://www.numindsenrichment.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Gifted-101-OEs-Recommendations.pdf" title="Gifted 101 - OEs Recommendations"] Download Recommendations From the Research PDF

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Is my Child Gifted? | NuMinds Knowledge Drop (ep11)


Is my Child Gifted? | NuMinds Knowledge Drop (ep11) High Achiever, Gifted Learner, Creative Thinker High Achiever, Gifted Learner, Creative Thinker Bertie Kingore, Ph.D. Identification of gifted students is clouded when concerned adults misinterpret high achievement as giftedness. High-achieving students are noticed for their on-time, neat, well-developed, and correct learning products. Adults comment on these students' consistent high grades and note how well they acclimate to class procedures and discussions. Some adults assume these students are gifted because their school-appropriate behaviors and products surface above the typical responses of grade-level students. Educators with expertise in gifted education are [...]

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Are You in Your Element?


The idea I had before writing this post came from an upper-intermediate class I taught while I was living in Beirut, Lebanon.  I wanted students to think "outside the box" not only in class but also in life.  Helping our students think creatively is not an impossible task but it can be a challenge. There was a lesson entitled "Eureka" which means, "I have found it!" in Greek.  Students were asked to read an article and think about how a simple illusion can transform the way we think to go beyond the limits we have set for ourselves.  Everyone has 'physical [...]

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S.T.E.A.M. – Rolling the Future


S.T.E.A.M. - Rolling the Future According to the visitor research organization, Destination DC, the ever-transient hub of political action and thought, D.C., attracted approximately 20 million people in 2016.  Among its visitors are the elementary, middle, and high school students visiting from every corner of the States by the thousands- many experiencing their first time out of their Locality. In the spring of 2016 I had the unforgettable opportunity to work with only a fraction of the young visitors and future influencers who step inside D.C.’s countless immersive educational programs.  Quite impressed, I witnessed eager students from Alaska to California, [...]

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THE NUMINDS GLOSSARY Here at NuMinds, we put our own spin on things, but we don't want to leave anyone in the dark with our unique terminology. Here's a breakdown of a few important terms. BRAIN AGE: Let's face it, for many gifted kids the mind seems to have gotten a slight head start on the body. Timmy might be walking around in the body of a third grader, but his obsession with the injustices of 19th century economic models indicates a slightly more mature "brain age." We make brain age recommendations on our Learning Shoots so that you can make [...]

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