Education Consulting Services

NuMinds helps educators who want to make a difference! We want to help inspire students and teachers by strengthening performance, sparking passion, and by offering the tools to develop in-depth applicable knowledge. Impassioned education experts at NuMinds Enrichment offer out-of-the-box guidance for program and instruction alignment, creativity, streamlining operations, assessment metrics and measures, and more.

Here are just some of the questions we love to help with…

  • How do I incorporate creative and compelling activities in our curriculum?
  • How do I best support teachers’ creativity in their classroom?
  • What are some simple classroom strategies for kids who already get it?
  • Are we identifying students who show a strong potential?
  • What types of assessments would you recommend for identifying advanced learners?
  • Which programs are the best for our school’s unique population?
  • How do I build an inclusive program for all my advanced learners?
  • Umm…am I doing this right? (our favorite!)

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Who is NuMinds Enrichment?

Founded in 2013 by two teachers of the gifted and talented, the co-founders set out to start an “EdVolution” by transforming the relationship between students and learning. The, now international, NuMinds Enrichment team focuses on student engagement and the integration of STEAM concepts carefully blended into out-of-the-box creative activities.

Here are some of the organizations we are proud to work with.