Here at NuMinds, we put our own spin on things, but we don’t want to leave anyone in the dark with our unique terminology. Here’s a breakdown of a few important terms.


Let’s face it, for many gifted kids the mind seems to have gotten a slight head start on the body. Timmy might be walking around in the body of a third grader, but his obsession with the injustices of 19th century economic models indicates a slightly more mature “brain age.” We make brain age recommendations on our Learning Shoots so that you can make a decision based on your child’s intellectual maturity, not an arbitrary factor like their birth date or grade in school.


“Teachers” are required to cover certain mandated content. “Tutors” help you with your math homework or prep you for your SAT test.  Inspirators consider your unique passions, knowledge and talents to create a real, inspired learning experience. At NuMinds, we call ourselves inspirators.


We build our curriculum from within an extended metaphor of an organic structure we admire: the bamboo plant. New stalks emerge from a single, prolific root in the form of shoots. In short, a learning shoot is our way of saying “course”.


The acronym for the foundation of the NuMinds philosophy of “passions, knowledge, talents.” One of our products, the PKT+ Needs Analysis, is a customized report or your child’s enrichment needs based on these three factors.