Customized PD Training

Incorporation of current research in educational psychology, neuroscience, and developmental psychology
Focus on high-impact, high-quality, and customized strategies for your school
Gifted and Talented (GT) identification, assessment, teaching adaptations, state GT program qualification
Cultivation of divergent and critical thinking in the classroom
Coaching staff in a growth mindset
Interactive sessions with activities, discussions, and problem solving
Practical classroom strategies and adaptations given for diverse learners

Innovative STEM/STEAM teaching approaches that can be used in the classroom

PD Workshop Topics

Engaging and Enriching Learning and Development

Ongoing focus group sessions with interactive coaching, review, and strategy evaluations
GT program development and/or assessment
Overall curriculum review and assessment for effectiveness for your school’s culture and goals
Consultancy for the the design and implementation and review of acceleration based programs
On-call consulting services for teachers and parents
Parent workshops to help support the needs of GT kids at home

Unique and Relevant STEAM Training

We believe that strong, passionate, and innovative thinkers are created by being challenged in project based STEAM curriculum. All of our curriculum is written in-house to ensure multiple areas are integrated in project based learning rather than teaching concepts in isolation. We find that this overlap fosters mental agility, critical thinking, and appeals to basic human curiosity about the world. In essence, providing the right climate for innovation. We bring this same philosophy to our professional development programs which empowers teachers to enhance their own teaching methodologies.

NuMinds Training and Development Philosophy

The NuMinds Enrichment philosophy is simple: make “real, inspired, learning” the basis for all educational interactions. As teaching professionals, we all appreciate the power of engaged authenticity when working with students, but why is it that we seem to throw our inspired pedagogy out the window when working with fellow adults? We believe lighting that spark of curiosity and excitement is just as important for the 30-year-teaching veteran as it is for that Kindergartner on the first day of school. Yes, it is possible!

We know that evolving state and national standards keep us constantly on our toes. In addition, a more and more dynamic North Texas student population demands intelligent, “next level” teaching to stay enriched and engaged. To meet these challenges, you need a staff who feels both invigorated and inspired while also given practical strategies to be implemented in the classroom. THAT is the mission of NuMinds professional development.


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