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NuMinds Enrichment offers high-quality Professional Development in all areas of Gifted Education.  We blend our classroom experience with the latest in gifted research to bring you hands-on, interactive professional development.  


Our promise: You will leave with something you can implement immediately in your classroom.


Want fun and practical 6 hour updates? What about an on-site 30-hour G/T institute? Small group session? Online? Whole campus? Over 500 teachers from around the metroplex at one time in one giant auditorium!? We've been blessed to do them all.

If you need straight-forward, research-based, hands-on professional development that isn't stodgy or boring, with tools for further implementation, please let us know.

Achieve Depth & Complexity through CompactingAs curriculum design gets more advanced, the word differentiation begins to bubble to the surface. However, the working definition of differentiation often becomes: do everything completely different for every kid every single second of every single day. Not only is this an impractical and confusing expectation, even trying to find the answer to HOW to do this is equally confusing.

But what if there were ways to quickly pre-assess and group students? What if you could legitimately skip some lessons to make room for more student involvement? What if you could quickly capture your students’ imagination through depth-laden questions of intrigue? What is if was simple to add complexity that keeps curious minds exploring?

Sound nice? In this workshop, we will model and teach compacting first. Then, with these principles hammered down, we now have opportunities for added depth and complexity.
Divergent Thinking in the ClassroomOnce upon a time, we created a workshop for parents about divergent thinking and how to support this unique gift at home. Then, one day, a school asked us if we could give deliver a teacher workshop on Divergent Thinking that employed research-based, legitimate classroom practices. The result…some of the coolest class activities and project templates we’ve ever made. From role playing to problem solving to Buzan’s Mindmapping, we explore ways to support “right-braining” thinking and cultivate a creative (yet objective-based) classroom. Curriculum, Name & Needs
Growth MindsetAn introduction to mindset (attribution theory), including identifying and working with types of perfectionists. We will spend a portion of the workshop on implementing divergent strategies as a way of promoting a growth mindset. Nature & Needs
The Gifted Gamut (6 Profiles)In 1988, researchers Betts and Neihart first identified 6 distinct profiles of gifted learners, shattering the myth that the gifted are an homogenous group with common backgrounds and needs. Since then, the idea has been continually refined and updated. In this workshop, we’ll take an interactive tour through each profile, using historical figures, characters from movies and pop culture, as well as a compassionate look at our own students, to reflect upon and evaluate the best strategies and tools for supporting learners--and adults--who match each profileNature & Needs
Identification & AssessmentThis 6-hour G/T training addresses, but is not limited to, the gifted identification process, assessments for gifted learners, reasons for placement, and best practices of effective service design.Identification & Assessment
Nature & Needs 101This 6-hour G/T training addresses, but is not limited to, the characteristics and definitions of the gifted and talented learner, multiple intelligences, equity and diversity, social and emotional needs and the differences between the gifted learner and the high-achiever. Additionally, the training will address how schools meet the needs of gifted students and the revised Texas State Plan for the Gifted. Nature & Needs
The Power of Play“Play is silly stuff, and it doesn’t focus on real-world application.” Well, actually Play provides an amazing real-world context for generating solutions and applied problem solving. We’ll show you how to do this in the classroom.

“It’s impossible to have playtime within the current educational framework.” Well, actually there are different types of play, and it’s simple to bring structured, creative play into the day-to-day classroom. We’ll show you how.

“Play is for little kids; we need to put away childish things as we get older.” Well, actually, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. There are ways to bring self-guided learning into your classroom. We’ll show you how.
Curriculum, Nature & Needs
Solutions to the Social/Emotional Puzzle?Discussion of S/E dominates the gifted research and parenting circles, but we found little to address direct classroom tips, tools, and techniques for working with OE and heightened S/E needs. It's empathy and instruction wrapped into one. Nature & Needs, Curriculum & Instruction.
Under the Big Top (3 Rings of Gifted)PASSIONS. Ways to bring student-centric, choice elements into the curriculum. KNOWLEDGE. Ways to incorporate objective-based learning and implement inductive teaching practices in any discipline. TALENT. Ways to cultivate individual talents and to compact curriculum to allow for orbital projects and independent research. Nature & Needs, Curriculum,
Who's Gifted?In "Who's Gifted," we take a deeper look at identification and assessment, exploring G/T specific topics relevant to the gifted education teacher/specialist/counselor/director. Nature & Needs, Identification & Assessement
Build Your Own ConferenceWant to rotate your teachers through different stations? Need 3 hours of Curriculum and 3 hours of Nature&Needs? Have a large group and want them to choose their own training? In Build Your Own Conference, NuMinds will set up a mini-conference with 2-5 workshops. You tell us what you need; we’ll do our best to make it happen! Varies based on selection
[Still in the idea phase] Mindfulness and Whole-brain strategies.

Contact us to schedule professional development at your school/organization.