Sofia Gamba, Area Director

Sofia is a native Spanish speaker from Mexico City. Her family moved to Texas when she was three and she had the chance to learn English and Spanish simultaneously. They continued to move back and forth between the US and Mexico during most of her formative years, so she considers herself bilingual and bicultural.

She is lucky to have had the opportunity to work in both countries in various educational settings. In Cuernavaca, Morelos she worked with children who were having a difficult time in school, behaviorally and academically. They focused on gaining emotional intelligence through game/play therapy, improving self-esteem, and social and communication skills.

Here in the US, she has had the privilege of spending time in Montessori-inspired classrooms and traditional public school settings working with children ages two to nine, immersing them in Spanish and Mexican culture while learning about development, cosmic education, and the secrets of childhood. She really enjoys working with young people and her dream is to impart her love for learning to all of those who come to know her.