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Student Programs 

Liability Waiver

Special Programs Liability Waiver

Please read carefully. This is a release and waiver of important legal rights.


I, in consideration of my Child’s participation in NuMinds Special Program, do hereby agree as follows:


Although reasonable precautions are taken to provide proper organization, instruction, and equipment for your Child’s participation at NuMinds Special Program, there can be no guarantee of absolute safety against injury and accident. There are elements of risk in any program (individually, an “Activity” and collectively, the “Activities”) and the use of any equipment in connection with the Activities. I, on behalf of myself and my Child, understand that my Child may be involved in Activities, including but not limited to, arts and crafts, cooking, science, team-building initiatives, games, and/or other physical undertakings. I acknowledge that participation by my Child in any Activities is voluntary and that my Child may decline to participate in any Activities.


ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RISKS: I recognize that there is inherent danger in any Activities that involve physical exertion or risk taking; that although the program may not be strenuous, injuries or medical complications may occur; that certain foreseeable and unforeseeable events unique to each Activity can contribute to the unpredictability of the Activity; and that balance, physical coordination, and conditioning may affect the occurrence of accidents, falls, and injuries.


EXPRESS ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY: In recognition of the inherent risks of the Activities in which my Child will be engaged, both seen and unforeseen, I confirm that my Child is capable of participating in the Activities and/or using equipment in connection therewith. I assume full responsibility for personal injury, accidents or illnesses, including death to my Child, except to the extent caused by the negligence of NuMinds Enrichment, or anyone for whom is legally responsible. I also assume responsibility for loss of or damage to my Child’s personal property. On behalf of myself and my Child, I assume the risk(s) of personal injury, accidents, and/or illnesses of all kinds and nature, including, but not limited to, cuts, wounds, scrapes, abrasions, and/or contusions, sprains, and/or death.


AUTHORIZATION: I hereby authorize any medical treatment deemed necessary in the event of any injury to my Child while participating in the Activities. I have appropriate insurance or, in its absence, I agree to pay all costs of medical services and medical transport as may be incurred on behalf of my Child.


RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE: In consideration of my Child’s participation in the Activities, I do hereby for myself, my Child and our respective administrators, executors, heirs, spouse, dependents, successors, and responsible parties knowingly and intentionally release, forever discharge and covenant not to sue NuMinds Enrichment or our venue partners and its employees and volunteers (collectively, “NuMinds Special Program”) from and against any claims, demands, expenses, actions and causes of action of every name, type, and nature I or we now have or may ever have arising out of my Child’s participation in the Activities and on any subsequent dates during which he or she participates in the Activities.


USE OF PICTURES: By agreeing to the Release of Liability Form, you hereby authorize and give NuMinds Enrichment permission to take, use, publish, and reproduce photographs, videos, and other images of your child for NuMinds Enrichment or our venue partner’s website, brochures, group photos, or other media.


ACKNOWLEDGMENT: By typing my name, choosing agree, completing registration and/or dating this agreement, I acknowledge and represent that I have fully reviewed it and understand what it means, and that I agree to this document as my free act and deed. No oral representations, statements, or inducements, apart from the foregoing written statement, have been made. I further agree that this Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Texas. If any of its terms or provisions shall be held illegal, unenforceable, or in conflict with any law, the validity of the remaining portions shall not be affected thereby to the fullest extent permitted by law. I further state that I agree that I, my child and our respective estates, heirs, administrators, personal representatives, and assignees shall be bound by the same.

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