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Special Programs

Mixed Age, Course Availability, Registration Fee, and Cancellation Policy


Please take a look at the following cancellation policies and procedures. 

  • Because of the planning, staffing, and materials necessary to operate student programs, a 30-day notice is required for cancellations.    

  • Cancellation must be submitted via email to and refunds will be issued in the same manner payment was made.

  • We reserve the right to cancel a session date if enrollment numbers do not meet minimum requirements. Participants will receive a full refund including the registration fee.

  • With the exception of a cancelled session due to low registration, any registration cost (aka "deposit," "registration fee," or "program fee") is nonrefundable

  • In accordance with CDC guidelines, students with fever and/or Covid-like symptoms should not attend; students who show symptoms will be asked to leave and an account credit will be issued.

  • Please note, an account credit is not the same as a refund. An account credit provides the customer with a balance in our registration software that can be used towards future payments or programs.

  • An account credit will be issued in the event of sickness and/or death in the family.

  • In the case of class being cancelled due to inclement weather or NuMinds instructor illness, we will issue an account credit for the class.

  • In the event of non-payment, payment failure (autopay), or account delinquency, participants will receive an email notification. Accounts that are 2 weeks delinquent will be suspended and students will be unable to attend sessions until the balance is paid in full. 


Simply put:

  • If we cancel a program due to low enrollment = full refund

  • If we cancel a program due to bad weather or instructor illness = account credit

  • If you cancel a program due to sickness/emergency = account credit

  • If you cancel a program at least 30-days in advance = refund (minus any registration fee)

  • If you cancel a program less than 30-days not related to sickness/emergency = no refund or credit


Many courses are offered in what is known as a mixed-aged classroom, meaning each course is fully open to any 1st-  grader (some courses for this camp are designed to be kinder friendly).  We recognize that kids do not all mature or progress academically at the same rate (known as asynchronous development).  For example, a 2nd grader may be completing 5th grade level mathematics, or an 8th grader may love to fingerpaint.  As adults, we experience this everyday; somedays I wear a tie and go to meetings, and other days I’m on the playground, playing with my kiddos (although my muscles often remind me of my physical age the next day 


At NuMinds Enrichment, we recognize that you know your kid and his/her maturity and academic level far better than we do, and so we trust that you’ll help make the best choices.  If you’re concerned about bullying, please don’t be.  Numerous research studies and our prior experiences with camps, events, and evening courses consistently show that older kids love the attention showered on them by the younger students, and the younger students love working with others who share their same passions.  The age gap seems to melt away as the sole focus becomes the learning experience.

If you have any questions about the course catalog, please don’t hesitate to contact us at  We know our teachers and the course content, and we will be happy to help guide you in the decision-making process.



Camp Pursuit allows the student to build their own camp experience by choosing the number of weeks to attend and their preferred courses/topics.  Students choose their topic preferences and have the opportunity to explore them throughout the week.  It’s kind of like signing up for college classes, except you don’t get to sleep in.

Because class sizes are limited certain courses/topics listed in the catalog may not be available during registration.  Worst-case scenario, a course may not make due to low enrollment.  If this is the case, you will be contacted directly and given the option to choose an alternate course or cancel the camp.


A non-refundable $50 registration fee applies to all weeks of camp (the fee is already included in the price).  In the event that you must cancel your reservation, you will receive a refund as defined herein:


-Cancellation(s) must be submitted via email to

-Refund will be issued in the same manner payment was made.


-100% of tuition paid (all monies minus the $50 registration fee per week of camp) will be refunded if written notice is received no later than four weeks prior to the session start date.


-Cancellations received within four or less weeks of session start date forfeit full tuition.


-Cancellation requests due to illness or accident prior to the camp session start date require a physician’s written verification.  Upon receipt of verification, we will issue a full refund of tuition (all monies minus the $50 registration fee per week of camp).


-Cancellations due to personal reasons, scheduling conflicts, etc. will not receive a refund.


-Camp participants who leave during a session will not receive a refund, regardless of circumstances.


-We reserve the right to cancel a course or camp if participation numbers are not adequate.  You may select an alternative course/camp, or you may request a full refund of all monies paid.  Cancellations of sessions will occur a minimum of four weeks prior to the session, and we will contact you directly using the information you provided during the registration process.

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