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Using our patented Bamboo Curriculum™ model, we design curricula and programs that flex and bend to meet the needs of your teachers and students.


Q: What is "Enrichment" Curriculum?

When you think about school curriculum, there is education in the center, extension is additional practice. Enrichment is the next layer--a chance to dive in deeper and play with content and connections. 

NuMinds' uses narrative and project-based learning to teach academic content with an inductive-science approach.

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Our Journey with Crowley ISD

Available for Single and Multi-User Licenses

State & Federal Standards alignment by subject and grade level
Master Curriculum Document
Live Coaching Webinars (plus database)
Higher-order Thinking Facilitation Guides
Access to Teacher Development Modules ($300 value)
Collaborative Features (message boards, text/video/file posting)
Live Curriculum Implementation Training
Dedicated Account Manager
Branded Portal for Private Group
Secure Login
Process & Product Rubrics (teacher and student)
Monitored Customer Service
Bonus Introductory Project
Suggested Scope and Sequence
Overview Video(s)
Unit Narrative
Curated Links to 3rd-Party Resources (videos/sites)
Step-by-Step Instructions
Suggested Material Lists
Project Descriptions
Anticipated Vocabulary
PDF of Lessons Plans

Download a free sample and information on NuMinds curriculum. 

Download Curriclum Sample

Our Edvolution.

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