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Gifted & Talented

Incoming 6th-8th GT

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June 5-9
Monday - Friday
9am - 3pm

5 days of camp
Incoming 6-8th Grade, Gifted & Talented

Located at Roy J. Smith Middle School

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The IBM supercomputer Watson has been watching the weather, and all the algorithms read: “Danger Ahead!” Rising oceans, earthquakes, heat waves, and lightning strikes--to name just a few. We’ll need the power of the STEAM Team to save the world.


In this week-long camp, learners will apply everything from geography and robotics to alternate power sources in order to harness the force of mother nature. Students will work in groups with trained educators to complete hands-on challenges.


Our impact on the Earth will be emphasized in order to inspire humanity's only hope!


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Q: Who is STEAM Team Saves the World for?

STEAM Team is for incoming 6-8th grade Gifted & Talented students attending Killeen ISD. This camp is designed for kids who are fueled by curiosity, love to learn, and hunger for knowledge and engagement. 

Q: What makes STEAM Team Saves the World unique?

The curriculum is built by educators who genuinely love to learn!  This camp blends storytelling with project-based, interdisciplinary learning, all with hands-on projects and activities. 


All of the projects include built-in options for choice and accelerated materials. Every class is taught by a passionate Inspirator who has been trained to work with a wide variety of students in mixed-aged classroom models.

Q: What does the daily schedule look like?  

From drop off to pick up, we want you to feel secure, knowning that your camper is safe and having fun! Here's the most important details, but let us know if you still have questions:

  • There will be fun morning announcements, before going to the day's class. Each course is built for mixed-aged learning, with added challenges and opportunities to dive in deeper (or slow down) depending on your camper's unique learning pathway. Each day there are multiple hands-on activities and projects. Plus, a trained adventure guide is there to support and provide feedback.   

Penguins have questions.png
Penguins have questions.png

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