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NuMi Pilot Program
Richardson, Texas

Free to curious 1st-6th graders

An hour-and-a-half of hands-on learning projects for 1st-6th graders, facilitated by professional educators in a safe space. We'll take pictures and gather honest feedback from the kiddos.   


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Why a Pilot Program?

NuMinds Enrichment is a curriculum creation company. We come up with zany, out-of-the box ideas to create our catalog of offerings. BUT, we have to test these ideas with real kids. It's part of our R&D process to ensure the quality of our programs. 

Where is the Program Located?

At our offices in Richardson, Texas. We utilize the 2,500sqft Event Center. 

What Type of Kiddos Would Enjoy This?

We need kids who are curious and try to find workarounds and loopholes (you know who you are!) We need help "breaking" these activities.  

How Does the Day Look?

Parents drop off at our event center, and are welcome to go or wait in the comfy lobby. The kids will start with a quick welcome message to set expectations and then begin playing, building, making, creating and breaking!

What Will My Kiddo be Doing? 

We have SO MUCH fun stuff to test, but we can't promise what content will be available on which Saturday. What we can promise is that we are testing hands-on, educational projects. 

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