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 Explore the Magic of Flight with
STEM/STEAM Curriculum for Elementary Learners

Notice of ESSER Compliance:
There's Magic in the Air (1) responds to academic needs in Science, Math, and STEM learning through guided, hands-on Science labs, (2) expands class libraries and (3) incentivizing literacy by including a physical book with every student license. There's Magic in the Air (4) provides supplemental academic enrichment materials for use with in-school acceleration, out-of-school programs and/or summer learning.

There's Magic in the Air...

STEM Curriculum designed for Elementary Learners

TMITA - Lesson with Teacher

Created and written by an active pilot. Designed in partnership with an award-winning STEM/STEAM Education company. 

Lessons, STEM activities, videos, and a 90-page book

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Six lessons with teacher plans, hands-on student activities with instructional videos, and a 90-page book for every student

Explores STEM concepts through aviation

TMITA - Lesson 3 Build

Through the lens of aviation, students explore gravity, lift, weather, convection, scale, careers, and more. Aligns to numerous K-6+ standards. 


One Unit with Six Lesson Plans...

Teacher Plans

Each lesson is designed for a 45-60 minute class with additional extension materials.

Aligns to National Academic Standards including CCSS, NSES, and K-12 STEM Guidelines.

Tiered projects provides options for  K-6+ learners.  

Complementary, virtual walkthrough with the curriculum team available upon request.

Guided Videos

In each video, Mr. Dorian models the hands-on assignment using kid-friendly instruction.

A great teacher resource to help guide instruction.   

A Book for Each Student

Each student receives Captain David Visser's book, There's Magic in the Air, which includes over 90 pages of...

✈ Extension learning to help reinforce key concepts

✈ Inspirational Quotes, Life Lessons, and Prompts to help emotional development

✈ Thematic coloring pages 

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There's Magic in the Air
In Action!


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