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Who is NuMinds Enrichment?

Founded in 2013 by two teachers of the gifted and talented, the cofounders set out to start an “EdVolution” by transforming the relationship between students and learning. We focus on student engagement and the integration of STEAM concepts carefully blended into out-of-the-box creative activities.

What Enrichment Do We Offer?

We support a variety of private, public, and Montessori schools, and provide after- and within-school STEAM-based enrichment programs, as well as professional development for teachers. These programs are tailored for your learners, not rigid or fixed!

  • All of our curriculum is developed by us and is further adapted by our teachers who receive special training for teaching mixed-aged groups to be able to reach any learner at their own “intellectual” age.
  • We use the principles of project-based learning to support and apply fundamental skills taught in the classroom. We show how science, technology, engineering, arts/humanities, and mathematics are used to solve real-world problems–but we give them a twist!
  • We intellectually challenge the students to stretch beyond their comfort level while having fun at the same time!
  • Although we got our start in gifted and talented, we work with all types of learners and our lessons are designed to be modular and adaptable.
  • From private-label summer camps at your campus, to onsite enrichment programs, assemblies, and professional development, NuMinds strives to be a layer of enrichment opportunity for the wider school community.

Curious About Bringing After School STEAM Programs to Your School?

We love to hear from parents, fellow teachers and other organizations working on behalf of students.

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