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Q: Is 2021 PEAR Camp In-Person or Online?

To ensure a smooth and safe experience, PEAR Camp will only take place online for Summer 2021. 

Using a secure Learning Management System, materials will be released daily throughout the course of the day. All videos and materials are available on-demand for the duration of the camp. 

Camp Adventure Guides will be available daily to answer questions, provide guidance and support, give feedback to student submissions, and to help make the experience fun and interactive! 

Q: How does the daily schedule work for online? 

When PEAR Camp was in-person, you would drop your camper off and then know when to pick him or her up. However, with a virtual schedule, you want to plan the best experience for your family. Here's the most important details, but let us know if you still have questions:

  • There will be daily announcements at 9am CST; there will be daily mind/body challenges, and each of the five courses will contain lessons EACH DAY with hands-on activities and projects. Plus, a trained adventure guide is there daily to take your questions and provide feedback/support.  

  • Every daily announcement, every class, and every lesson will be recorded and available for streaming during the duration of the camp. This means some kiddos may want to be on the computer right at 9am CST for the daily announcements and open the lessons the moment they drop, while other campers may be traveling, face connectivity issues, or simply want to sleep in. The on-demand learning helps family schedule their day and screen time in a way that's appropriate for them.

  • To help, we created two example schedules for campers. One schedule focuses on completing every activity and every lesson from every course every day. We called it the "I WANT IT ALL" plan and it would take about 4-6+ hours each day. The second schedule, "PICK AND CHOOSE" encourages campers to peruse the courses daily and choose which activities to complete. The amount of content and interaction will vary camper-to-camper, but we estimate the PICK AND CHOOSE plan will provide 2+ hours of engagement each day.   

Q: What makes PEAR Camp unique?

PEAR Camp integrates the elements of Programming, Engineering, Applied Mathematics, and Robotics within a STEM framework. Our curriculum writing team for PEAR Camp were selected based on their experience working with Middle School students, and utilize a proprietary curriculum model to blends storytelling with project-based, interdisciplinary study.

Q: What supplies will my camper need? 

TECHNOLOGY. Because PEAR Camp is virtual, the team at Pearland ISD want to ensure that every camper has what he or she needs to access the fun. Please indicate in the registration process if you need a district-supplied device, this will be provided free of charge.

MATERIALS. Every course is designed to be completed at home using readily-available materials. As an example, a build challenge may say "Build a tower 12 inches tall." The choice of materials is up to the student. The team at Pearland ISD wants to ensure that every family has access to supplies without further impacting their resources. In the weeks leading up to camp, you will be provided with the option to pick up a PEAR Camp supply box free of charge. 

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

$50 from each registration cost is non-refundable as it helps us cover the cost of credit card fees, clerical work, scheduling, and ordering supplies.


Cancellation notice must be submitted via email to Refund will be issued in the same manner payment was made. 100% of tuition paid (not including the $50 Registration Fee) will be refunded if written notice is received no later than four weeks prior to session start date.

Cancellations received within four or less weeks of session start date forfeit full tuition. 


We reserve the right to cancel a session date if participation numbers are not adequate. If your session is canceled, you may select an alternative session date or request a full refund (including registration). Any cancellations of sessions will occur a minimum of four weeks prior to the session.

Penguins have questions.png
Penguins have questions.png

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