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Are You In Your Element?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The idea I had before writing this post came from an upper-intermediate class I taught while I was living in Beirut, Lebanon. I wanted students to think “outside the box” not only in class but also in life. Helping our students think creatively is not an impossible task but it can be a challenge.

There was a lesson entitled “Eureka” which means, “I have found it!” in Greek. Students were asked to read an article and think about how a simple illusion can transform the way we think to go beyond the limits we have set for ourselves. Everyone has ‘physical blind spots,’ but most people have psychological ‘blind spots,’ which only allow them to see the obvious and focus on the task at hand. Therefore, they tend to miss the bigger picture.

Check this out!

The question is, how can we get rid of these psychological ‘blind spots’ and become more creative? According to Ken Robinson, educator and author, the answer lies within us and we should harness that ‘power’ to find our element; the thing that makes us tick and fuels us the moment that alarm clock goes off in the morning as we scramble to get ready for work, school, university, etc.

Ask yourself this, “What fires me up? What is my real passion in life?”

Finding the answer doesn’t lie in a textbook or in another individual; it lies within ourselves.

Some advice for all you wonderful teachers (and students)

  • Get away from social media and take a time out from all the constant what’s app messages!!

  • Just 10 minutes of peace and quiet a day can help you and them discover a worldwide of possibilities.

  • Help students change their outlook on life.

  • Do things that fulfill you and make your life worthwhile. The possibilities are endless!!

Try this out! Find Your Blind Spot

Close your left eye and focus your right eye on the smaller circle to the left of the larger moving circle. It will not take long before the larger circle will disappear as it crosses your “blind spot”. If you are having trouble experiencing the effect, try sitting nearer or farther from your screen.

Did you find your blind spot?

Please check out the following resources to learn more about “Finding your Element,” and see Sir Ken Robinson’s viral TED Talk, too!

About the Author

Nadine currently holds a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Argosy University and has a BA in Psychology from Marymount University. She also holds a Special Education diploma from the American University of Beirut. Her focus revolves around empowering children and helping them reach their fullest potential. Her main goal is to implement STEAM education in underdeveloped countries and to make an impact on youth everywhere.

While living abroad, Nadine co-developed an educational project curriculum for UN-OCHA, helping to improve the English language skills of Syrian refugee children. She has also worked with the Ministry of Education in Lebanon through a project funded by US-AID, enhancing the skills of Lebanese public school teachers.

Nadine is passionate about education and is working with schools to create an impact through innovative ways of learning. As an educator, she believes that the key to helping children reach their utmost potential, is by fostering and inspiring their creativity. Her other passions include volunteering in her community, traveling, and extreme sports.

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