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NuMinds is pleased to announce a collaboration with Back to Space!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Back to Space is an organization dedicated to stirring up a national passion for space exploration via STEM education and media initiatives.

Co-Founder Danielle Dallas Roosa is grand-daughter of Apollo astronaut Stuart Roosa and was inspired to launch the effort when she noticed a lack of interest and knowledge about the Apollo missions specifically, and space travel in general. Back to Space’s first major effort will be to produce a reality TV show in which teams solve STEM-based challenges in an “Amazing Race” style environment, and a team of 25 Student Ambassadors from around the country have already been selected. The Student Ambassador’s objective will be to promote the mission of Back to Space by bringing a conversation about STEM and space exploration back into popular culture.

NuMinds Enrichment will be supporting Back to Space with STEM content development across their different projects. “Partnering with such a progressive and education-focused organization is a wonderful opportunity for us to extend our own mission of ‘real, inspired, learning'” says NuMinds CEO Ben Koch. “Their goal of infusing pop culture with the ideals of exploration, resilience, and aiming for the stars perfectly aligns with our own values as a company.”

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